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SMAC Technologies whilst based in Australia
has a global alliance network for its products
and technology.

For further information about SMAC and its
products or technologies, beyond that provided
on this site, contact

SMAC Technologies head office:

Telephone: +61 8 7231 0235
Facsimile: +61 8 8362 4823
Address: 107 King William Street, Kent Town
SA 5067, Australia

The Shaw Method of Air Conditioning, SMAC Technology Overview

SMAC Technologies is a technology licensing company in the business of supporting
“SMAC accredited energy strategists” worldwide to undertake the promotion, design,
sale and installation of the suite of SMAC technologies into suitable commercial
and institutional buildings.

SMAC technologies are a suite of patented energy saving technologies delivering significant
energy savings and a superior environment in all buildings where the technologies are installed.

SMAC delivers a solution not a product. At the core of the suite of technologies is the Shaw
Method of Air Conditioning. The Shaw Method of Air Conditioning “SMAC” is the ultimate
dedicated outdoor air system “DOAS".